Knife attack survivors groundbreaking awareness film ‘Amani’ reaches 2 million YouTube views. 

Shortlisted for a National Diversity Award, Naked Truth PR client filmmaker Amani Simpson is on a mission to change lives since surviving near-fatal knife attack. 

Simpson has recently been invited to attend Downing Street on Monday to champion positive activities for young people. 

Amani Simpson was stabbed seven times when he intervened in a friend’s dispute over stolen goods that quickly escalated out of control and saw him confronted by a 20-strong gang. He lived to tell the story and to make the film, Amani, with his friend Joivan Wade, an actor. 

The film is this years hot topic with ITV News filming Simpson delivering a workshop at a primary school and BBC London attending a secondary school screening and Q&A with Simpson on Tuesday 16th July. 

Amani, has already been featured on BBC London News, ITV News, London Live & in the Evening Standard. Now, after battling PTSD, he has rebuilt his life through social enterprise and personal development over the last 7 years. His mission to empower 2 million young people to make positive choices and aspire higher before it’s too late has been achieved this week. He plans to continue taking  the film and empowerment workshops into local schools and cinemas to make a dent in the escalating knife crime situation. 

After his attack and in the ambulance, he promised to himself and to God that he would help other young people at risk of getting caught up in violence and crime. That is why he is here today, talking to young people, showing them his film, trying to be that role model he did not have. “I believe in positive role models, the need for more BAME leaders. In the school I went to I wasn’t represented or understood. You need someone who is relatable to. That’s why I like going into schools and colleges, empowering kids on the ground, because I can tell them I’ve been in your shoes, I know what it feels like to be you.”

Today, Amani runs Aviard Inspires which works with young people to help them develop careers in media and business as a real alternative  to getting involved in crime. As a CIC, Aviard allocates 75% of its profits for projects that work directly with the community, including going into colleges to speak to young people about entrepreneurship.

The film features former Met police superintendent Leroy Logan, Robyn Travis (author of ‘Prisoner To The Streets’) and actor Duayne Boa.

Today, Simpson is the North London Ambassador for the Mayors ‘London Needs You Alive’ campaign which has led to his face is all over the underground. As well as being a successful entrepreneur, Mr Simpson has met both the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and the Deputy Mayor for policing and crime, Sophie Linden. He has become an ambassador for Violent Crime Prevention, a group run by Neville Lawrence whose son Stephen Lawrence was fatally stabbed in 1993, to help young people stay out of crime.

Simpson is excited to create more inspirational films off the back of AMANI’S incredible success. 

Twitter: @Aviard_Inspires