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‘Life is all about moments of impact’

Naked Truth PR delivers bespoke public relations, underpinned by clever thinking, intensive research, and a set of ethics that ensures the best results. We put in the research to ensure that we deliver evidence-based success and on-point guidance; all of which we deliver with creativity, skill and transparency.
That, is the nakedness behind our truth…
Naked Truth’s approach to all public relations and marketing strategies is a holistic one; we utilise market knowledge and audience insight to produce the most effective blend of PR and cause. Everything we do is designed to positively influence perceptions and raise awareness (combined with the all-important consumption patterns and brass tacks). From organising roadshows, devising leading campaigns; forging relationships with key influencers, media relations and creating ambassadors for positive change.

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Urban Synergy – “Urban Synergy equip young people with valuable life skills and experiences so they are empowered to become confident, independent and ultimately successful, positive contributors to their community and wider society.” More..

Young Mums Support Network – “YMSN empower, support, educate, equip, mentor and coach young mothers until they become the best they can be in life.” More..

The 4front Project – “To empower young people and communities to improve their lives while understanding and reducing serious youth violence and the systemic conditions that cause it.” More..

Clear View Research – “Our social mission is to empower through research, grassroots organisations and key stakeholders in society that are striving for social, racial and economic justice.” More..

All Girls Rock – “We seek to support, uplift and empower young women and challenge them to make a difference for future generations by celebrating them on International Women’s Day.” More..

Who Will Hear My Cry – “WWHMC promotes and champions the rights of women, children and young adults to preserve and protect sexual innocence and promote sexual safety. We believe that everybody, especially children, have the right to have their emotional and sexual boundaries respected and protected.” More..

Kenny Imafidon – “My fundamental goal is to make a difference in our society wherever I possibly can. There are many problems and there are many difficulties. Challenges are faced day to day in the lives of young people in my community and similar deprived communities which I continue to champion. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”  More..

The N Word – “The N Word is a collection of words – about one word, that is an important exploration of the way we speak to ourselves, the way we represent ourselves, and the way others represent us. Daniella Maison gets right in and writes in an articulate, direct style that does not compromise the academic and intellectual weight of her reasoning, whilst staying accessible and sensible. She starts with our past, and with our future end. Powerful.” Benjamin Zephaniah More..

Strength With In Me – “Seven years ago, my partner tried to shoot me. The bullet jammed and that is the reason I am alive today. My research revealed some shocking truths about domestic violence in Britain. The implications for our teenage girls are staggering. From my own experiences, I realised that all women already have the innate gifts they need to conquer and avoid Domestic Violence. It’s simply a question on unlocking them…which is what I aim to achieve through S.W.I.M.” More..

Rising Tide – “We are a music-based creative hub for young people with a passion for making music.  We’ve had the privilege and joy of supporting young artists to become household names and have built a reputation for innovation and passion for everything we do.”  More..


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