Naked Truth’s own Award-winning journalist and psychologist Dr Diahanne Rhiney unravels the value of self-esteem and the key to living an authentic life… selfishly.


All About Me delivers not only nurturing words but energy as well, empowering readers with Diahanne’s own ‘lessons learned’ and forward-focused exercises. Her controversially entitled book, All About Me’ is a long time coming as she finally sits down to pen her thoughts and insights. Being a survivor of trauma and a specialist in the psychology of trauma and success is what drives Diahanne’s real and personal approach. Centred on her renowned practice of You-ology, All About Me focuses on the value of self-esteem incorporates her principles on the winning mentality of athletes in terms that can be applied by everyone, and to everyday life. Reserve your copy today by emailing with subject title: All About Me.