April 2018

As The Health and Safety Executive reveals that 1.3 million British people are suffering from a work-related illness, former England international basketball player and Naked Truth PR client and well-being in his quest to create a world of optimum emotional, physical, and psychological health for all.

Cedi Frederick FCMI, MistLM, FRSA, FIoD, has built a 30 year career as a successful business leader, with 25+ years Chief Executive experience running multi-million pound social care organisations. With La Nova, Frederick steps into another realm of uniqueness with his holistic approach to supporting modern Britain’s push for healthier lifestyles.

‘The issue is that we have a tendency to glorify our long working hours and our working culture means we put our health second. I realised that as a CEO I wasn’t acknowledging how stressed I was or the potential damage it was causing. When I did, I tended to be a bit macho about it; working late hours becomes a badge of honour and I fobbed stress off as a normal part of success. The truth is, the long hours, commuting, the fast paced lifestyle and the mounting pressures on employee’s to meet expectations and drive change has such an impact on health. More than 1,000 people a year are falling victim to stress-related heart attacks. My focus is on wellness and wellbeing for everyone as the real key to greater work success.’

La Nova Group delivers events, programmes and experiences that optimise health, wellbeing and personal performance. This includes Frederick’s new Executive Retreats; assembling a high-class team of mindfulness coaches, counsellors, physios and facilitators who work to support people to take a step away from stress but also to enable them to work on themselves. They provide a toolkit of strategies including mindfulness and menu’s developed by nutritionists to deal with the daily pressures of modern life. It’s a long term approach that supports people long after the retreat, when they are back in the work place.