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Naked Truth is committed to cultivating social impact and enterprise


By utilising the power of PR


To amplify the voice of those with a social cause.


Our Story

“At any given moment you have the power to say, ‘this is not how the story is going to end’’

Naked Truth PR is on a mission to champion social impact by engaging with individuals and organisations that see beyond ‘the bottom line’ and are driven by ‘the bigger picture’. Our clients merge social conscience into the heart of their business. We unite with those individuals and organisations that re-define boundaries, make history and carve out a legacy.
We think outside of the box. Our proficient team of communications specialists will walk you through every stage, from discussing the smallest idea to developing a national campaign. As one of the U.K’s few social impact-focused PR consultancies, we are consistently at the forefront of global PR strategies.
Our team possesses the tools, skills and expertise to create awareness, amplify target markets and influence responses. We enhance brand potential and restyle image. More importantly, we work to ensure your message is delivered on a scale that will change lives and inspire generations to come. We work with leading figures and organisations to help them to see the world through the eyes of the community around them. We collaborate with purposeful people to ensure their voice is heard and widely received.
We provide you with the comfort of working with a team that has experience, foresight and social determination.

Our (Naked) Truth

‘The naked truth is always better than a well-dressed lie’

“You may never remember what a person said, but you will always remember how they made you feel”. Maya Angelou
We endeavour to embody it. When we have the pleasure to advise, inspire, chat with or motivate any individual we are monopolising on something that is free but priceless. It is irreplaceable, it can be spent but never owned, wasted but never re-grown. It is Time. The people we connect with must walk away feeling as though the time they have spent with us was, to coin a cliché ‘worth it’.
We live and breathe in the world of people, not profitability. We possess an inherent desire to speak the languages of sincerity and affirmative dialogue; to understand aspirations and ambitions, to share successes, failures and hopes. We use our tools to help others to carve out the life of their choosing and the ability to recognise their truest potential.
This is the raw foundation on which Naked Truth PR has been built, this is our truth. Join us today and discover yours.

Our Impact

‘Life is all about moments of impact’

Naked Truth PR delivers bespoke public relations, underpinned by clever thinking, intensive research, and a set of ethics that ensures the best results. We put in the research to ensure that we deliver evidence-based success and on-point guidance; all of which we deliver with creativity, skill and transparency.
That, is the nakedness behind our truth…
Naked Truth’s approach to all public relations and marketing strategies is a holistic one; we utilise market knowledge and audience insight to produce the most effective blend of PR and cause. Everything we do is designed to positively influence perceptions and raise awareness (combined with the all-important consumption patterns and brass tacks). From organising roadshows, devising leading campaigns; forging relationships with key influencers, media relations and creating ambassadors for positive change.

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‘Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness to pull another hand into the light’

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